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This is the new East Sussex Local Offer. We have launched a test version of it in November 2021 and are inviting residents of East Sussex to help us refine it. The final version will be launched in January 2022. Find out more >>

Getting the East Sussex Local Offer Right

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Welcome to the East Sussex Local Offer. 

The East Sussex Local Offer is a website produced by East Sussex County Council containing information about the services and support available to children and young people who have Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND).

The website will be live for testing from November 19th 2021 to January 10th 2022, with the formal launch set for the 19th of January 2022. 

We need your help to get it right. 

A parent carer says

"This website is vital, and it's so important that we all help shape it."

How Has the Local Offer Been Built?

The Local Offer has been built through 2021 with the help and guidance of parents, carers and SEND practitioners. We worked out a structure for the site and added new content. We tried to make sure the site is:

What Do We Need From Visitors to the Site?

The Local Offer will be open for people to visit and use from November 2021.

We've worked hard to get the content right and to consult parents, carers and residents of East Sussex. But it's important to have a period when the website is live and can be seen and used by the people who need it, so we can check it works and make improvements. 

We are inviting the residents of East Sussex to visit the pages of this site and to feedback any thoughts, ideas and advice. It doesn't matter if you are very experienced in the area of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities or if you are new to the idea, we really want to hear back from everyone.

What Thoughts, Ideas and Advice Are We Looking For?

There are things about the website that we cannot change at this stage; we cannot change the overall look and structure of the site. We have consulted on this and have arrived at what we think is the best look and way of organising the information.

We can, however:

How Should You Give Feedback?

After having a good look at the site, we invite residents of East Sussex to complete our East Sussex Local Offer survey. The survey includes a few broad questions and invites you to add as much or as little as you like. You don't need to have an opinion on every aspect of the site, if there is one area you'd like to feed back on in detail then please do that. The survey will ask you to feedback on positives and areas we could improve.

Click here to visit the Local Offer Consultation

We also have an email address you can email directly to if that's how you'd prefer to feedback:

We encourage all parents and carers who would like to have a role in shaping Special Educational Needs and Disability Services in East Sussex to visit the East Sussex Parent Carer Forum.

What Will We Do With the Feedback?

We really do what to get this website right, and we can't do it without responding to the ideas and insight of residents in East Sussex. We have opened the site up from November to January the 10th to hear from visitors and learn from their views. Each week from November to January the 10th, all feedback we receive will be read by senior managers in Children's Services. They'll agree if any amendments or additions are required, and we'll do them on a weekly basis. We'll keep a log of all the changes we've made and list them on a page on this site. 

Click here to see the change log

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